PhD in business administration (University of Rouen, France) and marketing (University A.I.Cuza of Iasi, Roumania) GHIUȚĂ Ovidiu-Aurel is from 2007 researcher and university teacher. He is Associate Professor at University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava, member of Incubation Laboratory and also teacher at University A.I.Cuza of Iasi. Marketing, branding, political branding and entrepreneurship are the research field where he is involved and also he is teaching.

Since 2016 is a member and since 2018 Secretary General of National Council of Statistics and Forecasting of Higher Education for the Ministry of Education. Currently, he is also a Jury member for financing start-ups in Romania. Since 2006 he owns a small company of business and marketing consultancy. At the University of Suceava he held several administrative positions: member of the Senate (Vice-Chair of the Committee on Teaching Activity, Quality Assurance and Academic Development), member of the Ethics Commission (in present), member of the Council of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration and responsible Erasmus+ for the Faculty of Food Engineering. He is since 2014 founding member and honorary president of the Association of Students Involved in Career Development at University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava.

He has been involved in several entrepreneurial projects (international or national) as mentor, trainer and project evaluator. For The International Organisation of La Francophonie, he was coordinator of Committee selection for the 1st edition Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (Paris), co-president and coordinator of the jury (3rd FIJEV Moncton, 2016) or trainer (Sofia, 2013). He was a guest speaker at a conference of entrepreneurs and keynote speaker for two international scientific conferences.