Emiliyan Enev is an entrepreneur and business developer with previous experience in senior management positions in three companies and a bilateral Chamber of Commerce. He is the leader of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and has launched successfully several new projects in the last 5 years – a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and a technology hub for startup fostering and incubation.

Among his greatest achievements are an award for participation in a recent CeBIT fair as a specially selected startup; winner in the competition App Challenge 2.0; recognition to become member of the business community “Urban life and mobility” at the European Institute of Technology. He is a winner in the category “Technological development” in the competition “The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria 2018”, organised by JCI Bulgaria. As a regular speaker at blockchain and business events he advocates the potential of emerging technologies to create new business models. He is in the boards of several organisations committed to supporting early stage innovative companies. With ReCheck Emiliyan is determined to contribute to the practical application of the blockchain technology as a means of transparent environment for secure transactions. Currently, Emiliyan is helping clients like UniCredit manage their mobile marketing and loyalty campaigns. Emiliyan has one Bachelor’s and one Master’s degrees.