Tomasz Kusio – PhD in Economics – Management, Adjunct Professor at Cracow University of Economics, Faculty of Management, Department of Labor Resources Management. His academic interests include research, educational as well as executive activities on: Human Resources Management, Participation Management, Project Management for NGOs and SMEs as well as Research Project Management and Innovation Management. His research activities are also management-oriented, towards the new paradigm of management with a focus on the implementation of business-oriented methods to the nonprofits and Higher Education Institutions.
His professional activities are oriented towards the third mission and implementation of entrepreneurship at universities and nonprofits including social economy entities as well as building foundations for the university-business cooperation. His experience as Project Manager covers such areas as: training and consultancy in e-commerce, knowledge transfer for companies through academic internships, consultancy in project management, support of knowledge transfer and commercialization of research results, European social economy consultancy, European non-governmental sector and volunteering consultancy, entrepreneurship at the business as well non-business levels.
He has authored or co-authored more than thirty publications on the commercialization and knowledge transfer, cooperation between science and business as well as issues on social economy and corporate social responsibility. He has been engaged in Project management in the field of science deals with more than five years, both nationally and internationally. Numerous observations and experience in management led him to the creation and implementation methodologies for deepening research in the field of commercialization.