Train the trainers – Western Balkans

HEInnovate: Train the trainers- Western Balkans
15-16 November 2018, Hotel COOP, Sofia

This HEInnovate ‘Train the trainers’ session is targeted specifically at higher education institution (HEI) representatives from the WesternBalkans interested in developing the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of their HEI, and in learning how HEInnovate can support them in this endeavour.

HEInnovate is a guiding framework, developed by the European Commission and the OECD, helping HEIs to explore their entrepreneurial and innovative potential.

One important component of the framework is the HEInnovate self-assessment tool, which allows institutions to understand their current stage of development as an innovative and entrepreneurial HEI, to identify potential areas for action and to set-up an action plan. The tool provides also a number of case studies to serve as an inspiration and to support action taking. As of today, more than 900 HEIs from all over the world have used HEInnovate.      

The training ‘Train the trainers’ will take place during 1,5 days on 15-16 November 2018 in Hotel COOP, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The ‘Train the trainers’ session is run by experienced HEInnovate facilitators who have been engaged in the development and implementation of the framework since its beginning. The training is based on the HEInnovate training package and will provide information on how to use the self-assessment tool in workshops, information on the types of workshops and their intended outcomes, and common elements for workshop planning and preparation. 

By the end of the training the participants will:

  • Understand the role HEInnovate can play in developing their institutions’ innovative and entrepreneurial potential
  • Be confident to carry out their own HEInnovate workshops to support this process
  • Be aware of and understand the supporting materials available for designing and delivering workshops

The session is also open for a limited number of HEI representatives from Bulgaria.

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The HEInnovate: Supporting Institutional Change in Higher Education event will take place on 14-15 June in Ruse, Bulgaria